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Wellbeing Enterprises CIC

Wellbeing Enterprises CIC has an established 10 year track record of providing high quality health and wellbeing services which have been co-designed and co-delivered with local citizens, health and social care professionals and partner agencies. All of their community led wellbeing approaches are informed by the evidence base, which describes ‘what works’ to promote and protect wellbeing for individuals and communities now and for future generations. Fundamental to achieving greater levels of wellbeing is the extent to which citizens feel heard, understood and respected – and because of this, all of the wellbeing innovations they deliver at Wellbeing Enterprises CIC have local citizens at the heart of the design, delivery and evaluation processes. They also have an established track record of developing and delivering evidence based training courses covering a wide range of topics.


Why They Developed?

Wellbeing Enterprises CIC was developed to: decrease the amount of people with mental distress; increase resilience; promote positive behaviour change; and prevent the increase in people suffering from distress as a result of mental health.


What they do?

For Individuals

  • They work with individuals to design holistic interventions that help them to develop the skills and knowledge to improve their own wellbeing, and to become resilient in the face of difficulties
  • 97% of people who undertake their interventions implement positive behaviour change to enhance their health and wellbeing

For Health & Social Care Professionals

  • They work with partners in the NHS, Local Authorities and Third Sector to develop integrated services in which wellbeing stands at the core
  • Co-design new ways of working to reduce the impact on services by approaching health and wellbeing in an asset based way
  • 60% of participants in our programmes have shown an improvement in their SWEMWBS score (a validated measure of a person’s subjective wellbeing)

For Communities

  • Working collaboratively with residents and local organisations to mobilise the skills and talents of people and to empower them to gain a greater sense of control over their health and wellbeing. They also help to connect people to assets in the wider community.

For Businesses

  • Deliver training and consultancy services to businesses across the UK helping them embed wellbeing practices into their organisations. They create programmes to ensure they maintain healthy, happy and resilient workplaces.


Business Structure and Partners

A team of seventeen people, led by a Chief Executive Officer makes up Wellbeing Enterprises CIC. They also work with organisations who support them and commission their work including – National Association of Primary Care, NHS, 2020 Health and Wellbeing, Barnardo’s, Big Lottery Fund, Blackburne House Group, Comic Relief, Community Foundation for Merseyside, European Union, Halton Borough Council, Halton & St Helens Voluntary and Community Action, Mark McQueen Foundation, primhe, Santander, School for Social Entrepreneurs, St Helens Chamber, Coalition of Disabled People, St Helens Council, TACT, time to change and UnLtd.


Community Benefits

97% of people who undertake their interventions implement positive behaviour changes to enhance their health and wellbeing

60% of participants in their programmes have shown an improvement in their SWEMWBS score (a validated measure of a person’s subjective wellbeing)


Benefits to Partners


Wendy Davies, Practice Manager at Windmill Hill Medical Centre states;

“I myself have referred patients for a Wellbeing Review – it’s great to know that we have that extra support on hand for patients to be able to improve their health and wellbeing.  I have watched these patients grow and develop with the support offered to them, and I look forward to seeing the initiative grow further in 2015 to benefit even more of our patients”




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