Study Visit 1: Wellbeing Enterprises

Study Visit One (Date to be rescheduled for the Autumn)

wellbeing enterprises

Wellbeing Enterprises Community Interest Company is an award winning social enterprise and a leading light in community-led preventative healthcare.

Their mission is to support individuals and communities to achieve better health and wellbeing. They do this by educating the general public; unlocking the assets within our communities and working collaboratively with our partners to tackle the underlying causes of poor health.

They understand that unprecedented challenges lie ahead for our healthcare system. As an established provider they play their part in addressing these challenges by delivering innovative, evidence based healthcare solutions. They empower people to take back control of their health and live happier, longer lives. Working together they unlock the true potential of people and communities.

In 2012 they secured a major contract with Halton Clinical Commissioning Group to design and deliver the fully integrated Community Wellbeing Practices programme and in 2014 that Initiative won the NAPC (National Association of Primary Care) Best Practice Health and Wellbeing Innovation of the Year award.

For more information on Wellbeing Enterprises click here.

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